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Hello, my name is Jocelyn.K :D! I am curently fifteen turning into sixteen in the date of 13 June. I am schooling now in huayi secondary school. I don't bites I am friendly if you knows me well :B ! Everyone is welcome in my profile and I loves everyone, but if you hates me please simple alt F4 (: Leave me a message before leaving, but no dirty comments thanks because i dun want my tagboard to be tagged with rubbish and dirty comments. (: Last but one least sisters and brothers brights up my day with a SMILE :D!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Shop shop shop :D!

sorry i am back again. my blog also going to be dead because no one tag on my blog or what one D: ewws heh, is that i never put on facebook that i have blog ba. but better to be kept as a secret also !

today wake up as usual and go to school. very tired but also need to wake up same as tomorrow. i going to sleep soon because i am so dame tired. i shall post a short short post then (:

today after school went to meet darling and after that went to bugis to eat sakea sushi and shop till 5 plus after that we went off to seat train she went to meet cheryl and i went to find my mummy @ clementi, she is with my brother and they ate after that went to meet daddy and i ate too but so dame full because i eat so dame much can :x

after that came back home bath and rest nothing much i can do tomorrow going to be same day and a fun day but is after school (:
going to have a fun day because i going to swim with my beloved friend. after that collect my phone and buy one dress for my concert on saturday. whees ~ hope tomorrow is a better day (: